What is the difference between an organic mattress and a mainstream mattress?

Organic mattresses are derived from natural materials. Conventional mattresses are made primarily of man-made materials derived from nonrenewable resources such as natural gas and petrochemicals.

What are the natural materials used in OMI organic mattresses?

Cruelty-free Eco-Wool™, certified organic cotton, and 100%-natural rubber latex — all renewable, biodegradable resources. These natural materials are grown, processed, and manufactured without toxic chemicals.

Do organic mattresses come in different firmnesses, and do they have innersprings?

There are two main types of organic mattresses: Natural rubber, which is metal free, and innerspring. Both styles are available with different firmness options.

How is an OMI organic mattress made?

Every mattress is made by hand by expert artisans, using the purest raw materials available.

What is the difference between natural rubber latex and the latex used in other mattresses?

Our natural rubber latex is 100% pure. Other companies use synthetic latex or a blend of natural rubber latex and synthetic materials.

If organic mattresses don't have flame retardants, are they safe from fire?

OMI's mattresses have been tested at an independent testing facility. They meet both federal and California open-flame standards using only our Eco-Wool™, without the use of chemical flame retardants, suspected to be health and environmental hazards.

Can a new organic mattress be placed on an old box spring?

A foundation is meant to support a mattress, and using an old box-spring foundation under an innerspring mattress will affect the comfort of the mattress and shorten its life. Our natural rubber mattresses are intended to be placed on a wood-slat foundation or platform slat bed.

How long will my organic mattress last?

Our mattresses are backed by an industry-leading 20-year limited warranty.

What sizes do organic mattresses come in?

We make mattresses from crib size to Eastern or California king, we can even make many custom sized natural rubber mattresses.

Are OMI's organic top-of-bed products also made with organic materials?

Yes! Our pillows, mattress pads, and comforters are made with the same organic materials we use in our mattresses.

Under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission, three mattress manufacturers have agreed to stop making unsupported claims that the mattresses they sell are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Relief-Mart, Inc.  The FTC’s complaint alleges that Relief-Mart, based in Westlake Village, California, did not have and rely upon a reasonable basis to substantiate its claims that its Biogreen memory foam mattresses do not contain VOCs, have no VOC off-gassing, and lack the odors commonly associated with memory foam mattresses.

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Company, IncThe FTC allegesthat Essentia made unsubstantiated claims that its mattresses do not contain VOCs, are chemical-free, have no chemical off-gassing or odor, and are made from 100 percent natural materials.  Moreover, the complaint alleges that Essentia claimed that tests show that its memory foam is free of VOCs and formaldehyde when, in fact, tests do not support these claims. 

Ecobaby Organics, Inc.  The complaint against Ecobaby, based in San Diego, California, alleges that Ecobaby made unsubstantiated claims that its mattresses are chemical-free; formaldehyde-free; free of VOCs, such as toluene and benzene; and without toxic substances.  The complaint further alleges that the company misrepresented that its mattresses are certified by an independent third-party certifier when, in fact, the certifier is an alter ego of the company that awarded its seal to its own products without applying objective standards.   Finally, according to the complaint, Ecobaby Organics claimed that tests show that its mattresses are VOC-free, chemical-free, and Formaldehyde-free when tests do not support these claims. 

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